Video Portfolio

Here is some of my very early work that I, and classmates, made when I was learning about film and film making. Enjoy!

The first piece I made in and for school : NUMERO UNO

A short clip from a film project about a girl (me) who developed another personality in the form of an imaginary friend only she could see. In this clip, the girl is committing a crime as her alter-ego : REBEL WITH DELUSION

The first stop-motion animation I ever made. I absolutely love this mini film. Even with the amateur quality and questionable material, I still hold this dear to my heart because I had never had guidance or played with a camera. Without further ado, here’s my first SMA : YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU

The last film I made in school, was another stop-motion animation. This is my ultimate pride and joy. Not only because of how many memories it provided, but because, after we got used to it and learned how it worked (watch for the quality transition), the editing and quality because beautiful and I just absolutely love how it turned out, considering how much work went into something in so little time. (Also, I love bees!) Here it is : SECRET LIFE OF BEE

My latest is actually from a Political Science project at college. Granted the acting isn’t ace,  but I can’t say the same for my grade! After much doctoring, I came up with a parody game of Jeopardy where the answers were directed and in favor of the Peace and Freedom party (which was part of the assignment). I wrote the script to show different types of people who were members of P&F and the Q&As to go with it. I designed the set, formatted the show and even asked Roseanne Barr herself to let me use clips (though legally, I didn’t have to ask for some of the clips that I used, it was just an excuse to talk to her..)! Anyway, I wrote, directed, filmed and edited the whole 8 minute clip (with subtitles because one of the contestants is deaf, hence the voices). Please humor yourself : P&F JEOPARDY GAME


Hopefully I will have more material soon now that I have Final Cut Pro X. I’ll keep you posted!

~ R


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