Hollywood Farmer’s Market

Yesterday, I helped run a booth at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market with my producer (OutdatedDemocracy). Our location grabbed a lot of foot traffic, and a lot of sun. Being our first time doing something like this, we were not fully prepared for the types of people we met and how to engage them. Despite this, we actually did a good job helping people to better understand our mission and we learned from their opinions and the way the day went.

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Sisters in the Faith

On Saturday, I was invited to go to a conference for a huge international Christian church. It would be an understatement if I said I was a little skeptical, but interested nevertheless. Whilst I wondered around the Pasadena Conference Hall, I had thoughts about my being there and how much of an outsider I was and felt – it’s not my typical crowd, I won’t lie. As I pondered, I thought about the fact that this experience could help educate myself about the world that surrounds me. If I got nothing out of it, I had hoped I would at least learn something new.. And I did.

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The Grand Canyon and other grand things

We set off on Christmas day. From the valley to Needles, we drove through the sunset and into the dark clouds. Our friends waited at the motel where we ate small sandwiches, drank wine, and fell asleep before midnight. Morning came fast. The roaring of the winds shook the fragile walls of our room. Outside, trees were rocking vigorously from side to side. We went to a nearby café to fill up for the road. Pancakes filled me to the brim and I felt nauseous. And off we went! On the road again to the Grand Canyon. Over the boarder, we traveled quickly through the shifting winds of the open plains. For a quick rest, we stopped at a very interesting truck stop. Behind the innocent general store, was a brightly-colored building that read, “Big Rig Doll House – Gentleman’s Club”. It was the coolest thing I ever saw. Take a look for yourself –

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STOP POACHING NOW! ~ Protesting against the hunting of Elephants and Rhinos for ivory in China

Yesterday (Oct 2), we traveled to Koreatown to stand before the Chinese Consulate in attempt to urge Xi Jinping to make ivory hunting illegal, as he pledged he would. “Show us your timeline!” They cried. When we arrived, many citizens gathered to discuss the ideals of the cause and how irate they were that humans could be so blind and dismissive of the torture these poor animals are going through. “EXTINCTION 2025!” A poster read.

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Poem: “Puppeteer”

I wanted to share a poem I wrote a while back. During the time where I was, “not a girl, not yet a woman”, where the harsh truth of reality starts to sink in, when choices begin to have consequences, I realized the struggle of life around me. People I knew didn’t do so well, jobs were being lost, buildings burned down, gypsies stealing metal off our roof.. I decided to write from a perspective of someone else, in third person, who couldn’t let go of what held them back, when they wanted to just give up and give in. The subject of the poem signifies a “bond” or “binding” that you can’t escape. I don’t want to say anymore in case I put too many ideas in your head, because I want you to interpret the meaning in your own way – relate it to yourself.

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