The House (I’m not complaining, but…)

I live in an off-campus dorm house. It’s a place where international students and eclectic American students come to live harmoniously. When you arrive at the house, you join an enormous, loving pre-made family. It’s great for introverts and extroverts alike – with activities to feed the cultural-awareness desire that burns eternally in your heart.

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EVENT – Pancake Breakfast (PCB)

On Sunday, my dorm hosted many people at their pancake breakfast day. It was a really fun event that had every resident working rather hard all day to provide a great eatery and experience for our guests. The customers ranged from family and friends, to neighbors, to SJSU Spartans, to newspaper reporters. Although of course we weren’t headliners of The Huffington Post or Time Magazine, we did make an appearance in The Mercury News which was pretty smashing, I’d say!

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Letter: A Diabolical Thank You

I wanted to post this last week, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it quite yet. At my job, I work as a teacher (uncertified, so really I’m like a youth instructor or recreations leader) for Kindergarteners and 3rd Graders. It’s a really interesting job. It takes a lot of energy out of you at the end of the day, but when it boils down to it, I find it quite fun and I learn a lot. I have been having some difficulties, but everyday I find a new way to fix a problem! That’s a good thing.

I decided to post this letter today after months of deliberating because I feel like I’ve gotten to that point in the semester where I am starting to feel a little stuck. A lot of people around me are feeling in a rut and not feeling particularly motivated to study as hard as they normally would and are experiencing some regrets with what they’re doing or how they’re doing it. With this letter, I would like to bring back the memory of high school where our worlds were not the same as they are now and how someone could be such an influence to our simple minds.

This particular teacher helped me so much. The big difference she made guided me in the next school and I remember her kind words to this day. She mostly made an impact on me because she was the only teacher in a very long time who didn’t treat me like shit (pardon my language) and that made me feel like I had a purpose and was not useless or stupid!

So with that, here is my diabolical thank you letter…

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Poem: “Love in June”

This week, I was tasked with writing a Villanelle. To describe such a thing, let us turn to our favorite, most reliable internet source, Wikipedia!

A villanelle (also known as villanesque) is a nineteen-line poetic form consisting of five tercets followed by a quatrain. There are two refrains and two repeating rhymes, with the first and third line of the first tercet repeated alternately until the last stanza, which includes both repeated lines.

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Poem: “The Pain of Sonnets”

In class, we were tasked to write a Shakespearean sonnet on whatever subject we could imagine. And boy did my imagination go fa- I’m lying, it went nowhere. I basically used my creative juices to talk about the exact sonnet I was writing… Almost like inception or even a paradox, if you will. It was really interesting, and kind of easy to write in terms of technicality (making sure I have the right amount of syllables and rhyming patterns). If you don’t know what a Shakespearean sonnet is, here’s what I’ve learned so far…

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Update from a fellow Spartan

I have been here for two weeks now. It’s been one helluva ride to get here and I’m still chugging along. My socks are clean, my drawers are neat and my planner stays full. There’s a lot to do around here. There’s the expected class time and homework time, plus now there are socials and dinners to attend…

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Art: Dead Flowers, Mostly

I’ve been getting back into the art groove again. I started in the summer, or maybe just before school ended. My girlfriend highly encourages it – although she is a much better artist than I, and more skillful than I with tools beyond my imagination. That doesn’t stop me one bit – we have different styles and that’s perfectly fine with me!

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Letter: Dear 27 Year Old Me

Last week, I wrote a letter to my 11 year old self on my 22nd birthday. It was more of a letter of advice about what I should have done (or, should do) to make my life just a little bit easier without really changing too much. I basically reminded myself that mistakes are okay, but to listen and respond to people (mostly teachers) in a clear manner. To understand more, please go take a look at it – here!

This week, I decided to post a letter to my older self in 5 years as so much is going to change by then!

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