Prose: “Falling in Love with a Writer is a Bad Idea”

ProseIn light of Valentine’s Day, here’s a short passage I randomly churned out this morning about falling in love with a writer (if you didn’t guess already). It starts off in third person and then transitions into first – making it personal and relatable to anyone who knows what I’m talking about! Hope you enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Writing Workshop – Fiction

This semester, I’m taking two creative writing classes – Writing Fiction, and Writing Poetry. In the fiction class, we have already been tasked to do some quick exercises at the end of our class periods. If we do these regularly, I would love to show them as we go and see if I progress in thought and execution, or style. They’ll most likely all be very, very short descriptive pieces – depending on the amount of time (and task) the professor gives us.

Hope you enjoy little slices of my mind as we go!
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Diary: Please eject before removing

It’s raining in LA. Apparently it’s raining all over California – and I’m loving it. I keep gazing out the window, like a child looking for Santa, completely starstruck. It’s heavy, too. Not like a light shower here and there, it’s a real waterfall — the sky opened and I’m Henny Penny yelling to Goosey Loosey that the sky is falling!

It’s all I’ve got to think about now. School is over for the semester and I’ve got nothing to do. It’s not that I’m not entertained, I keep busy, but my mind feels stuck, like it was going on fast-forward and someone pressed pause to get some popcorn and fell asleep waiting for it… Continue reading “Diary: Please eject before removing”

Political Rant

We all stood at the TV. I glared at the numbers as they fluctuated back and forth between each candidate. For sure Clinton’s got it, I thought. California results come in, I hold my breath. Fifty-five electoral votes go to Hillary! We’re saved! But that’s not the case. There just isn’t enough electoral votes yet – and we wait again. We’re waiting for Philadelphia – the turning point of the whole race…

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The House (I’m not complaining, but…)

I live in an off-campus dorm house. It’s a place where international students and eclectic American students come to live harmoniously. When you arrive at the house, you join an enormous, loving pre-made family. It’s great for introverts and extroverts alike – with activities to feed the cultural-awareness desire that burns eternally in your heart.

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EVENT – Pancake Breakfast (PCB)

On Sunday, my dorm hosted many people at their pancake breakfast day. It was a really fun event that had every resident working rather hard all day to provide a great eatery and experience for our guests. The customers ranged from family and friends, to neighbors, to SJSU Spartans, to newspaper reporters. Although of course we weren’t headliners of The Huffington Post or Time Magazine, we did make an appearance in The Mercury News which was pretty smashing, I’d say!

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