Acatalepsy [Latin]: the idea that it is impossible to truly comprehend anything.

Acatalepsy 1             As the night sky slowly rose above the distant mountain tops, she watched the yellow and red streaks of light stream below her, cars like dancing ribbons in a river of dull gray. It was nothing like watching the white tide stroke the speckled shore­­ with sunrays piercing the wobbly surface of the sea. It was nothing like the feeling of the wind silently dancing through fields of wheatgrass and brushing over a bright, luminous ocean of rapeseed flowers, observing the bees and butterflies as they sprung from petal to petal to harvest the most succulent anthers … Continue reading Acatalepsy [Latin]: the idea that it is impossible to truly comprehend anything.

“Beyond My Glass-Filled Hole” – A Tribute to Eversholt

I am very delayed in all of my summer posts… My only excuse is that I find it hard to write about England because it yanks me between love and loathing–and I like my posts to be in order, so I delayed it all until I finally wrote something.

Since I am in a Non-Fiction workshop class, I decided to write about Eversholt (my small village) under a “Place” prompt. It’s neither a positive, nor negative account. Rather, it’s an observation of the beauty of the countryside as seen by me as a kid.

I hope you enjoy this little slice of …whatever this is! It made me laugh when someone was editing it, they thought I made up Guy Fawkes and my own street name! Tut tut.

(Fun fact; the featured picture is of my “glass-filled hole” that I took this summer when the new owners gave me a tour!)

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Poem: “Blank Page”

After much delay, here is a Sonnet I wrote that was kind of inspired by my last post on falling in love with a writer. This poem describes the writer’s (or an artist’s) imagination and the struggles it comes with – or rather, the price they pay for such a gift. It’s a simple little english sonnet I whipped up for class the other week. Fourteen line, ABAB..GG format.

Hope you enjoy! I will try to post more often. Until then–

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