Honk OK Please (Delhi, India)

January 4–19th, 2018

I went to India. And it was…AWESOME.

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“Beyond My Glass-Filled Hole” – A Tribute to Eversholt

I am very delayed in all of my summer posts… My only excuse is that I find it hard to write about England because it yanks me between love and loathing–and I like my posts to be in order, so I delayed it all until I finally wrote something.

Since I am in a Non-Fiction workshop class, I decided to write about Eversholt (my small village) under a “Place” prompt. It’s neither a positive, nor negative account. Rather, it’s an observation of the beauty of the countryside as seen by me as a kid.

I hope you enjoy this little slice of …whatever this is! It made me laugh when someone was editing it, they thought I made up Guy Fawkes and my own street name! Tut tut.

(Fun fact; the featured picture is of my “glass-filled hole” that I took this summer when the new owners gave me a tour!)

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Joshua Tree, et al.

My girlfriend and I took a spontaneous road trip to Joshua Tree. And let me tell you, it exceeded my expectations by miles! Well, sort of… Joshua Tree National Park itself was on the spectrum of what I call the “once in about 15 years” kinda place — where I don’t see a need to go back for a very long time because it will most likely be exactly as it was the day I went, and I’m sure I would not forget it.

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Do you know the way to San Jose, Yosemite, and Bodie?

We had a great weekend. It was an adventure! Thursday night, we set off to San Jose. I drove most of the way there. We arrived in San Jose by midnight. Starving our butts off, we stopped at a gross Jack in the Crack (formally known as Jack in the Box) and stuffed our faces on our way to the AirBnB. The apartment we stayed at was super cute – we got the whole place to ourselves and it was only a block away from the school.

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Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel

It’s 5 past 8, standing patiently in a long line of general admission cat enthusiasts. We’re on the list; very important peoples. When we finally get to the door, they check off our names, gave us 21+ bands and a free drink stamp – not coincidently in the shape of a cat. Up many flights of rugged stairs, anticipation shakes me.. Except that could have been the loud music bouncing off the walls and my inability to climb in heels.

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