About Myself

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog-website-thing. If you don’t already know, my name is Renie, but most people call me Ray!

IMG_5298The very first thing you should know about me is that I’m kinda crazy – but in a good way! Sometimes I like to wear black skinny jeans and strut my stuff with my faux-vintage $1 flea market-necklace and snazzy boots; and most times I like to hang low in my leggings, hoodie (sans bra, obviously) and complain about mindless points of interest; but I really enjoy jumping in the deepest puddles in my wellies, dancing in the crazy rain that made it, and admiring bugs!! (Especially bees!) I can be totally serious (about how much I hate Comic Sans) and sincere, or I can be completely silly and use a lot of exclamation points!!!!!!!

Here’s a little about me you might be curious to know – I am a Californian who was raised in a quaint village in England, U.K. from 8 to 18 years-old (referenced in a lot of my earlier blog posts)! At 18, my whole family slowly came back to California to start a new chapter in our lives after my grade school ended. After a hardworking three years, I am proud to say that I am a Spartan at SJSU and I am loving it! I am a Senior majoring in English, Creative Writing.

One of my main passions, having had the opportunity to see a lot of the world at an early age, is traveling. I wanna go everywhere! I’ll complain about long plane rides, and bus rides, but if it’s the only way, I’ll do it! And I’ll have a playlist ready for it. (Spice Girls seems to make a frequent appearance, hehe!) I want to immerse myself in the culture and learn – I don’t think anything is weird after a little explanation – everything has a reason.

My other passion, of course, is writing — It’s kinda the reason I have this blog-website-thing in the first place! I’ve always been a writer of poems, prose, and personal essays. I started this blog because I noticed that I was losing my mojo for writing during community college and I desperately needed something to encourage me to write about anything. It’s lasted four years now – a personal record! Now it has become a place where things come and go like seasons…

I have finally curated it so that you can easily find certain things like my poems or travel posts – find them all in the menu bar. Now that you can find the travel posts more easily, I’ll be even more encouraged to post there! Organization really motivates me, I guess.

So please feel free to talk to me, ask questions, say hello…I love talking. And enjoy my site which I call my “slice of mind” – it’s got pictures, cringy videos, and all kinds of stuff!

~ adventures await


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