I was not dissatisfied with the beginning of spring semester this year. Not one bit. In fact, Spring has been the best time of my life – this whole academic year has been pretty awesome – but particularly this season.

I have felt so positive in my surroundings and I’ve had very good luck – even more so after a disappointing political season. After the Women’s March in LA, I arrived on orientation day and reunited with my friends and met new residents. Then after all that faffing about, I unpacked, we started school, had a games night, I started my tennis club (only one meeting has been had this entire semester due to flooding), and the house took a day trip to San Francisco.

Since that first week, we’ve had many adventures. This weekend in particular has been my favorite so far. On Friday, we participated in the International Quiz that our RAs designed and our team, The Squad, won FIRST PLACE! We also got a temporary trophy and I still brag about it proudly.

I especially boasted about it yesterday, Saturday, during Admitted Spartans Day. ASD was the same event a year ago where my mom and I found out about the I-House and have since been super grateful for it. Of course, I wanted to pay it forward by being a tour guide around the house and informing everyone of the secret treasures the I-House has to offer. Our room was the only room on show so it’s been pretty spotless since Friday evening – but that also gave me the opportunity to show off our trophy! And explain the I-Quiz as one of many events the I-House lets us bed a part of.

I jokingly confessed that I wanted to use the opportunity to recruit my next roommate since my current one is ditching me to go back to England. But in all honesty, I wish she could stay – I’d rather my British Powerpuff Girl stay than have a new roommate… That said, I did meet some possible candidates – and asked for her approval! …Don’t leave me!!

Speaking of whom, she hosted a very successful Girl’s Night after the busy Admitted Spartan’s Day last night – we had an abundance of soda and snacks and we watched Sing, did some karaoke (of course), and watched another movie called Monte Carlo(?) with Selena Gomez and a bunch of very random and questionable actors… (but it was a really great movie, so I’m not complaining!)

Finally, it’s Sunday and I get to relax and do homework and not have to rush everywhere. For dinner, we have a Vietnamese regional dinner, but that’s all the rush today. Easy.

Next weekend, however, it all starts up again with birthdays, and our British regional dinner, and then Easter! For Easter, we agreed to go with our other Powerpuff Girl to church and sing hymns – it seems we do a lot of singing here. So that’ll be an adventure!

For the rest of the month, we have many up-in-the-air plans. One of mine is to go see the LA Dodgers play the SF Giants in San Fransisco. How cool would that be? Mega. Although no one here gives a fraction of a damn about baseball…but I still think it would be a fun adventure!

And many more adventures to come! I can’t wait to see what the rest of Spring 2017 holds for us! Adventures always await.

Thanks for reading!