ProseIn light of Valentine’s Day, here’s a short passage I randomly churned out this morning about falling in love with a writer (if you didn’t guess already). It starts off in third person and then transitions into first – making it personal and relatable to anyone who knows what I’m talking about! Hope you enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Falling in love with a writer is a bad idea. They see things that other people don’t pay one thought to – emotion, social cues, the deep red hues of last night’s lipstick stained on an old, burned out cigarette. They see the conversation had by the heartbroken victims of the wrath of love and sex and devotion. The sound of sighing tobacco smoke breath, and imagining it slowly climbing to the stars of stories lost in the midnight sky. Falling in love with a writer is a bad idea. We see everything – we take what is in front of us, and in a matter of seconds, we are drawn into its past and have imagined an elaborate journey to the present that is before them. We are constantly distracted by our visions. Falling in love with a writer is a bad idea, because we manipulate our own language, and its carefully constructed system, to convey indescribable emotions like no one else can – using the most creative power we can conjure up to transport you to a world of unbelievable possibilities. Falling in love with a writer is a bad idea, unless you wish to hear about the delicate wrinkles on the sweet petal of a peachy rose – or about the way we see your eyelashes kiss like a butterfly’s glistening wings across a light blue sky. Falling in love with a writer is not such a bad idea if you don’t mind being constantly reminded of how beautiful you are and how in love we really, truly, deeply are with you.”

This post is dedicated to my girlfriend, Maile because she fell in love with a very odd character and well, this is what she signed up for… Love you, baby!

Thanks for reading!