This semester, I’m taking two creative writing classes – Writing Fiction, and Writing Poetry. In the fiction class, we have already been tasked to do some quick exercises at the end of our class periods. If we do these regularly, I would love to show them as we go and see if I progress in thought and execution, or style. They’ll most likely all be very, very short descriptive pieces – depending on the amount of time (and task) the professor gives us.

Hope you enjoy little slices of my mind as we go!

Task: Describe a person across the room – try to imagine and describe their scent.

Her hair hung long and straight down her curved spine. Eyes down, her head rests in the palms of her thin, dark hands – pinky wrapped under her chin as if to keep herself from falling asleep at the desk. You could smell the peachy scent of her cheap perfume – and you could tell it was hers because every so often, she would slyly meet her nose and wrist and smile as though something, wasn’t funny, but clever. She did not seem bored, but merely disengaged from reality – now and then her eyelids opened slowly to reveal her beautiful, green eyes that sparkled like the rays of light that dance the waves of the ocean – bright, but lonely and mysterious. You could tell she left our world to explore a better place – a world of her own, full of passion and color and magic.

Thanks for reading!