IT’S THE END!! (Finally…)

It makes me feel kind of guilty to be as exited as I am, but it’s been a long semester and I think I have the right to feel relieved and pumped to get the heck outta here! Don’t get me wrong, I love being in university and living in a dorm and blah blah blah, but truth be told, there is no better place than home – especially when you have a step-dad who cooks like Gordon Ramsey on steroids (the food here is alright, but who am I kidding? Home food tastes like gold compared to here..) and a cool mom (yeah, mom, I admit you’re cool..) and a smashing girlfriend and all the people I’m too exhausted to mention because as I said, it’s been a long semester and I’ve got the work to prove it! I swear I’ve written more than enough poems and stories to fill a book and then some. Next semester will be the same, if not more… What a trek! But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

I’ve managed to avoid writing a post for a very long time. I don’t know why – but nothing overly interesting since the election has come up. Well, except…

Here’s a list of things that happened in the last two months:

  • Went to a Sharks game and scored Row 10 seats
  • Celebrated a friend’s birthday
  • Bought a mini fridge with my future roommate and named it Frank
  • Went to Santa Cruz, ate amazing burgers and swam in the freezing cold sea
  • Booked a trip to Maui for January with Maile
  • Practically re-watched all of Golden Girls (for the millionth time)
  • Practiced my watercolor
  • Lost 5 pounds
  • Wrote a 30+ page movie script (that’s about a third of a full-length film)
  • Thanksgiving (avoided all political talk)
  • Went to The Getty Museum
  • Did pottery (more on that when I get home to see the finished products)
  • I-House formal dinner
  • Found the 5 pounds I’d lost
  • Went to Winter in the Park
  • Photoshopped the hell out of my coworkers and I to make this bomb-ass card
  • Went to a literary event
  • ‘Partied’ in Oakland
  • Made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers at work and it was a mess
  • Got our I-House shirts
  • Watched the SJSU Choir at one of our local churches (huge and very beautiful)
  • Had finals
  • Packed up my room

Formal dinner was cool – every semester, the I-House puts on a themed dinner for the residents to celebrate the semester and it was nice! Here’s the group picture… 15355648_10209103472317919_8973068501778302595_n

Below is the photoshopped card I made for work – I know in “technicality” aspects it’s not the best, but it was SO fun to make and I just absolutely love it and I’m so proud of it!img_5904


Anyway, that about wraps up Fall 2016! That means it’s only about 11 days until the end of this bizarre year – and only like 5 days from Christmas, baby! Get them jingle bells jingling and I’ll get my ugly sweater – it’s gonna be a party!


This post img_5988is dedicated to Kevin Jenkins – a dear friend who passed away a couple days ago. My heart is broken. You will never be forgotten. I love you and all the friends you’ve introduced me to along the way. Thank you for being so awesome to everyone yo
u meet. We love and miss you so much xoxo


Thanks for reading!