We all stood at the TV. I glared at the numbers as they fluctuated back and forth between each candidate. For sure Clinton’s got it, I thought. California results come in, I hold my breath. Fifty-five electoral votes go to Hillary! We’re saved! But that’s not the case. There just isn’t enough electoral votes yet – and we wait again. We’re waiting for Philadelphia – the turning point of the whole race…

I remind myself that the human race couldn’t possibly be that stupi—

Donald Trump wins.

I could have fainted in that moment. I was so stunned.

The world around me erupted – it cried, it yelled out.

That night was the beginning of a very scary week. We are the future, we should be the advocates of it. All we ask for is equality. We want peace. We want equal rights for women, and for gays and lesbians and everyone else.

The next morning, we all receive an email about a man who pulled on a lady’s hijab in the hallway of a building on our college campus. White men assaulting Asian men in the engineering building, in common areas, and women’s bathrooms.

As a single body, those who felt personally affected by the election, banned together for a deep discussion about our feelings against Trump. We talked about our fears for our future, the future of women and immigrants. They allowed an open mic session to occur where various types of people stood up and talked about their background and how they (and their families) will be affected. It was really interesting to listen and learn about everyone I’m surrounded by.

I couldn’t eat for two days. I was truly mortified.

I wasn’t overly supportive of Hillary Clinton in the beginning. I was a devoted Bernie fan – but he was not elected for candidacy. Clinton was. And so I rooted for her all the way to the end because I chose equality over racism, ignorance, and hypocrisy.

Donald Trump, however, was not really my main concern. I had wished that at least the senate and house of representatives were going to be Democratic. No. Of course not. The senate is now Republican, the house of representatives is Republican, and now we have a supposedly Republican president. We. Are. Fucked.

I am deeply disappointed in the whole thing, of course. Because not only does all that annoy me, but the thing that really irks me the absolute most is the electoral college. If you look at the numbers, Hillary Clinton actually WON the popular vote across the states. That means that counting every single person’s vote and tallying them, concluded that Hillary Clinton actually got the majority vote. Not Donald Trump. CHECK YOUR FACTS, PEOPLE! But because there are not enough people in certain states, their voices do not matter. Does that seem FAIR, America? I think not.

The Wednesday after, I went into school and a kid came up to me to tell me his family is moving to Mexico in two months. January is when Donald Trump will stand on that stage and accept and assume the role of President of the United States (POTUS). Our kids are scared.

I am simply appalled at the American system. It is 2016, people, wake the fuck up. If you are a millennial that didn’t vote when you could have, shame on you for getting high and mighty about voting between the two evils. A few measly e-mails are nothing compared to World War 3.

Thanks for reading!