I finally am the teacher who has students that say the darnedest thing.. But this one is rather sad.

On Election Day, a day that will be our history, today, a kid was asked if he was elected president what would he do? RE-SEGREGATE RACE! Are you kidding me? The most innocent kid in the class is being told to believe in segregation? This is ridiculous! It’s not the 1800s or early 1900s!

What are parents teaching their kids? What generation is ruining their grandchildren’s future? Who is stunting the growing adults? Wake up, people. This is 2016!
By the time I got to the second word and reread it, I thought – something’s not right here… And I read this:

“If I was elected president, I would do is, get more freedom to ???. Also, I would change the law back to [segregation]. I would change the world to [segregation]. Also, back to white people and black people be apart.”


Ps. When asked who his family voted for, with no pressure, he admitted they voted for Hillary. So this is not a bash on Trump or Republicans – this is a plead to capitalists, lobbyists, drug companies, and the media.

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