On Sunday, my dorm hosted many people at their pancake breakfast day. It was a really fun event that had every resident working rather hard all day to provide a great eatery and experience for our guests. The customers ranged from family and friends, to neighbors, to SJSU Spartans, to newspaper reporters. Although of course we weren’t headliners of The Huffington Post or Time Magazine, we did make an appearance in The Mercury News which was pretty smashing, I’d say!

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 10.51.07 AM.png

Click MERCURY NEWS to read the full article titled, “Flavors of diversity” about the I-House’s biannual event written by Eric Kurhi.

We had many entertainers that performed on our modest stage. There was a variety of different dance performances. Of course my girlfriend’s favorite were the Hawaiian dancers – (later we found out that one of them was also named Maile and she almost lost it)!  There was opera, Spanish music, piano ballads… It was an eclectic line-up that kept the customers on their toes and thoroughly entertained! (Which I suppose was the goal…)

Each resident worked a shift or two to support and keep the event running. A given job could be anything from setting up to dishwashing to cooking to hosting. I took the first dishwashing shift so I could watch the majority of the performances and enjoy the day. The cooks worked tirelessly and so did the hosts – it would not have been the success it was without them.

Here is a link to the originally-live video feed of the PCB event. I have not watched it all the way through since it’s very long, but I definitely recommend at least fast forwarding it to watch each act and examining everyone’s traditional garbs.

SJSU I-House Pancake Breakfast Fall 2016

Fun fact: If you wish to see my embarrassing cameo appearances, you can see me at the very beginning (minute 3) waving to my mom who was watching live from Munich. I appear again at around minute 13 and after that, I’m not sure when I appear again – but I assume it’s somewhere after an hour or so.

I had a really fantastic time. It was great supporting my friends perform. My favorite part was being able to dress up in traditional wear – the majority of us wore traditional dresses and garbs. I brought mine from home – it was a yukata I bought in Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles back when I was about 15/16. I never opened it before this past weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed sporting it and I certainly acquired some very cute photos in it!


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