I’ve been getting back into the art groove again. I started in the summer, or maybe just before school ended. My girlfriend highly encourages it – although she is a much better artist than I, and more skillful than I with tools beyond my imagination. That doesn’t stop me one bit – we have different styles and that’s perfectly fine with me!

I think it all started when I bought her a rose at a club from a woman exclaiming, “Cinco, cinco, rosa es cinco dollars!” We brought it home and gave it a wine bottle vase. It stood erected for weeks until it dried to a crisp. I examined the leaves one day and got inspired by the outline and figured I could draw it. So I did. Here’s my second attempt ~ 


At some point, I got a bouquet of flowers for I don’t know what, and when those fell off, died, and dried, I examined them once again and got to drawing. Below is the result of this particular bouquet ~

My girlfriend was up here for the weekend in San José. We went to Santa Cruz and had a whale of a time on the boardwalk! Ate too much, got obsessed with winning tickets, and rode wicked rides. I picked a Hibiscus flower to put in my ear – left means I’m taken! Anyway, that dried up in her windshield and I took it for inspiration. Last night I decided to pull out my pencils and out came an interesting concept for the sad, dead flower. Here’s the result of last night’s outline work ~ 

I’m not sure what it is about dead flowers – but maybe it’s because a lot of flowers look the same alive, but dead flowers show more scars – more detail in its folds and petals and leaves. Maybe it’s a metaphor!? It could also be because when they are dry they are more 2D instead of rounded objects (like roses) and therefore it’s more realistic or easier to draw dead flat flowers?

When I get outlining down, I want to move on to watercolor and figure out how to truly give life to these ……dead flowers — You know what I mean!

Here’s a Pomegranate flower plant that wasn’t dead when I drew it ~

Hope you enjoyed my bizarre illustrations!

Thanks for reading!