Last week, I wrote a letter to my 11 year old self on my 22nd birthday. It was more of a letter of advice about what I should have done (or, should do) to make my life just a little bit easier without really changing too much. I basically reminded myself that mistakes are okay, but to listen and respond to people (mostly teachers) in a clear manner. To understand more, please go take a look at it – here!

This week, I decided to post a letter to my older self in 5 years as so much is going to change by then!

Dear 27 year old me,

First off, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for giving me the strength to pull through what you just went through – and taking each step and obstacle with pride and poise.

I’m getting ready to leave very soon. I am off to San Jose to live in the International House dorms for university. I’m a little scared; mostly of being lonely, and partly because it’s all new. New town, new school, new people.

You see, I finally embraced the LA lifestyle. It took me two to three years to see how much I truly love it here and now I’m ‘randomly’ leaving again?! This happened to me when I left England except it took me seven years to figure that out. So here’s what I have to say to you:

I hope that when you went to San Jose that you took it all in. You saw it, you embraced it, and you lived it. At least I hope I will acknowledge it and not ignore it.

Did you keep your English, Creative Writing major? Have you written stories? Did you get your TESL certificate and travel the world?

I’m sorry it took so long to finally graduate, but I hope that doesn’t discourage you in the even further future. You will go on to great things. People believe in you. Remember that.

I hope by now you’ve figured out how to live in the present instead of the future. Maybe you eat sea food now? Or rice? I hope you’ve travelled a bit and took lots of pictures – I can’t wait to look at them when I’m your age!

Continue to spread good vibes and don’t forget to write me!

Lots of love,

22 year old you.

Thanks for reading!