It’s 5 past 8, standing patiently in a long line of general admission cat enthusiasts. We’re on the list; very important peoples. When we finally get to the door, they check off our names, gave us 21+ bands and a free drink stamp – not coincidently in the shape of a cat. Up many flights of rugged stairs, anticipation shakes me.. Except that could have been the loud music bouncing off the walls and my inability to climb in heels.

Finally, we entered LA’s Think Tank Gallery doors and were taken by a wonderful world of color. People were drinking wine and chatting about cats, taking photos of the many art pieces, selfies if they could.. It wasn’t a particularly small venue – packed with more people by the hour. The Cat Art Show LA features over 70 artists – some of which are unlikely celebrities like Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead and some more artsy celebrities like tattoo artist Kat Von D. All artworks are up for grabs and portions of the sales will go to an organization called Kitten Rescue. However, saying that, a lot of them were already sold by the time we were leaving!

Below are pictures I took of the event (mind the quality, I forgot my camera) –


 My ultimate favorite was of course the Frida Kahlo-inspired piece. I really enjoyed the color, texture and the fact that Kahlo was the inspiration! I also appreciated the Amanda Seyfried piece and Ricky Gervais’ inspiration (who is well known for being an animal rights activist).


Thanks for reading!