I kept staring. She stared in return. When I blinked, she blinked right back – delayed, but twice as hard. The same, but different. Stood slouched – almost hunched over. She wore the same outfit as me, but it didn’t seem to fit her the same way. I tucked my shirt into my trousers, she did the same. It looked better on me than it did her. Her hair was tangled. I could tell because it looked just like mine used to. Hers was more voluptuous than mine ever was.

I could almost hear her speaking, like telepathy. But her voice sounded different – deeper, more pronounced – I couldn’t put a finger on where I recognized it. She didn’t say anything in particular. It was as if she didn’t say words at all. The way she mumbled sounded like a whole different manner of speaking – like a foreigner, but not in the language sense. It was soothing, almost refreshing to hear – because somehow I understood her.

Her face was pointy. She looked almost disappointed when I noticed. Nose almost flat. Mine had a small bump. Her lips were uneven, showing gums when she faked a smile. I never opened my mouth to grin, it was unbecoming. Her forehead was long and wide, big enough for two brains. I bet she’s smarter than I am.

I noticed she was tired. I was tired, too. My eyes are blue. Hers were grey, similar to the sky when it rained – almost like it was waiting for a rainbow.

I lifted my hand to touch hers, she did the same right after. I could feel the warmth of her hand on mine. It felt as if she was a long-lost sister, someone I hadn’t seen in a long time. An instant connection. I don’t remember ever meeting her, but it was like I knew everything about her.

We let go at the same time.

She became a stranger again.

I never found out how I knew her.

A lost memory.



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