The Grand Canyon and other grand things

We set off on Christmas day. From the valley to Needles, we drove through the sunset and into the dark clouds. Our friends waited at the motel where we ate small sandwiches, drank wine, and fell asleep before midnight. Morning came fast. The roaring of the winds shook the fragile walls of our room. Outside, trees were rocking vigorously from side to side. We went to a nearby café to fill up for the road. Pancakes filled me to the brim and I felt nauseous. And off we went! On the road again to the Grand Canyon. Over the boarder, we traveled quickly through the shifting winds of the open plains. For a quick rest, we stopped at a very interesting truck stop. Behind the innocent general store, was a brightly-colored building that read, “Big Rig Doll House – Gentleman’s Club”. It was the coolest thing I ever saw. Take a look for yourself –


See what I’m talking about? Bright purple walls, colorful decor, something you don’t see often. In front of this whorehouse (as it really was) stood an old-fashioned limousine. Beat up, wind-torn, trashed.

A beautiful sight. And onwards to the Grand Canyon! Four more hours of driving after Needles, we arrived. There was snow, crowds, wildlife.. It was so beautiful.


No picture can do this natural wonder any justice. I truly wish I could have seen more, but even this snippet will do. We had a party the next night and a very good time was had by all. And the next morning after that, it was back to LA we go. A trip short lived, but a memory never forgotten.


Thanks for reading!



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