The best letter I ever received was a letter I wrote four years ago (2010) at a YMCA summer surf camp in San Diego. During our siesta, our cabin councilor told those who couldn’t nap to write to their future self. Little did I know, I knew myself much more than I thought.


If you can’t read it, here’s what I wrote, exactly as I wrote it, poor grammar and all ~

“dear future me ❤
Well, I know it won’t be in the ‘future’ when you read this. So let’s start by asking you this, how are you? How’s life? Right now, I’m at Camp Surf YMCA. I’m 16 going on 17 and it’s Aug 3 (i think.) What are you now? At this given moment, I have no idea where we are heading, where I wanna go, what I wanna do.
Can you even read my handwriting? Are you still in England? We’ve been through a lot together.Tell me how life is. We can’t travel back, but I would still think of you whe even though I am unreachable. Are you a photographer? A writer? Are you finally popular? Well what-
ever it is, I wanna know. Right now, I want you to be a photography (photographer, sorry, being distracted.) and a writer? maybe not. I want you to be but we suck at English in school. Maybe freelance. I would love you to be a filmer. You know what? We’re lazy as heck and if there’s no weed, there’s no way, therefore I will be proud of you either way. Just try your best not to be on the streets. Remember that dream house of ours? You’ll remember. You are pretty scary to think about right now. So for now, I love you,
lots of love and luck, (you’ll need it…)
Renie ❤ 16.”

It’s only four and a half years later, but my dreams haven’t changed. I am doing some photography, I am writing more now and I do want to be in the film industry. However, I am not in England and I wasn’t particularly good in English at school for some reason.

I find it really interesting how much you can find out about yourself just by reading something from your past, just by looking at the hand writing, style of writing/sentences/wording, chosen topic and how views are expressed. My handwriting, though neater now, has not changed much at all.

Even at 20+ years, I would recommend writing to your future self, seal it in an envelope and title, “Don’t Open Until 30” (or 10 years later). It really gives you a feel for things you forgot, if you’re on the right track, if you’re following the same dreams or if you’ve changed. I don’t think you’re too old to write a letter to yourself and I think I might do it again to open in 10 years time.

Ps. I do remember the house.
Pps. I laughed really hard when I read, “If there’s no weed, there’s no way..” I can’t believe I would write that!

Thanks for reading! I hope you write to your future-self and ponder the future as well as the past.

~ R